Hacker for Hire

Site Move

Well, the time has finally arrived that I am going to ditch Wordpress. Wordpress has just become too much of a headache anymore for just maintaining a place where I can complain about things or keep technical notes for myself and I’m no longer interested in having to fight the security beast; I’ll leave that to the young guns at github.io. My hope is that this will encourage me to get back into documenting my escapades since the last posts have always just been because I was updating Wordpress to prevent some new hack.

My initial plan is to keep track of the fun and excitement that we’re going to be having with SmartThings and attempting to build our own SmartThing device that actually adheres to the API correctly. Don’t get me wrong, there’s a lot of people out there producing a lot of code and lot of … things … but there’s a certain lack of polish present on many of the items and I’m hoping that my friends and I can bring some of the insanity back into line.

Here’s cheers to hopefully documenting things better in 2016.

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