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veho Muvi K-Series Research

Wyatt • • Rants

I recently picked up a veho Muvi K-Series action camera … and the application on Android didn’t work for anything. So I started down my own path.

Rather than put all the details here, I decided that I was going to primarily work out of a git repo (after the jump) in the event that I decided anything worthwhile should be developed to work with the camera over wifi. What I found was a couple of key points:

Due to the fact that the camera’s quality was kind of terrible (random blocks of video would just jump in and out) and the SD card that was shipped with it was broken and wouldn’t function in anything, I decided to send it back. But I’ve collected all of my comments, code, research, etc. into the muvi_kseries_research repository for anyone else that would like to poke, prod, or build their own application for whatever reason. Enjoy and let me know if you found anything helpful.

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