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Frequently Asked Questions

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Being as Hacker for Hire is a subsidiary of HTG, Limited, there are undoubtedly questions that will be asked from time to time. The goal of this page is to be a quick reference to those questions and to serve our customers better.

What is Hacker for Hire?
Hacker for Hire is the name of the security portion of HTG. Our services range from security and risk assessments to policies, procedures, disaster recovery, forensics, and code review. Our goals are to improve our customers security through industry proven methods and standards. This makes security an enabling power in the business, not a disabling sink-hole of money.

What don’t you do at Hacker for Hire?
Anything unethical. “What is unethical?” is a question many security practitioner receive over and over again. It’s a hard one to have a really good answer to. The best answer is probably “If you have to ask if it’s ethical, it’s not.” But then we have to deal with people that don’t have a conscious or people that don’t ask the question. In Hacker for Hire’s eyes, we will not engage in any business with you if the answer to any of the following questions is “No.”

  1. Do you have undeniable ownership of the systems and the ability to present that proof if required?
  2. Do you have the ability to sign a legally binding statement of work outlining the work to be performed and have the legal authority to authorize any and all actions related to the statement of work?
  3. Do you have a legitimate and ethical business reason for our services and are you interested in knowing in depth information about your company’s information security?

If you can’t answer “Yes, Yes, Yes.” we will not engage in any sort of business arrangement with you. There is a zero-tolerance policy to deal with anyone that attempts to solicit our services for unethical practices.

What do you mean by “zero-tolerance” policy?
In the event that you attempt to contact any member of our team to solicit ANY activity that is deemed unethical (see previous question) by Hacker for Hire, you will be reported to the United States FBI. Any information you have provided in your contact to us including but not limited to email conversations, email addresses, IP addresses, names, aliases, phone numbers, addresses, etc. will be provided to the FBI. If you do not believe that you will be reported, you should probably take a look through the archives and see that I have reported others before. I repeat you will be reported to the United States FBI, you will not get a second chance to redeem yourself.

Will you hack “my” Yahoo, MSN, Google, MySpace, Facebook, Random stupid MMORPG account?
No, I won’t. You don’t own the system, you don’t own the data on the system. Go back and read the EULA if you think that you do. Asking this type of question will again get you routed to my local FBI office.

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