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Denyhosts Redux

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It’s been a long time since I’ve actually had to think about using Denyhosts and if you’ve read my post before, you’ll know I’ll swear by it’s functionality.

Recently, we’ve been getting hit by lots of SSH brute force attacks at HTG … and hit hard. The most recent stat was more than 2400 failed login attempts from over 50 unique attackers in a 24 hour period. Most times, I don’t care as long as they don’t get in … but then I sat back and thought, “Man, those fsckers are probably costing on bandwidth somehow.” and that’s where I draw the line.

So once again, Denyhosts is up and running, more than 60 hosts have been banned just today and more are going to get taken down. Now, if only I could come up with a good legal reason to just give my servers the capability to attack back … but that’s not legal … yet.

Updated Version of Code Snippet

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There’s an updated version of Code Snippet. Fixed some bugs with GeSHi and the WordPress plugin API. Their site is not showing the right information now, so here’s an accurate link: http://downloads.wordpress.org/plugin/codesnippet-

Let me know if there are any problems over on the Code Snippet page!

Quick Hack: Tethering & MMS on iPhone 3.0

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Just because I spent so much time looking for this last night and found so many broken carrier data files, I figured I’d keep this around for me.


Instructions for Windows are the same, but you’ll have to use the Windows Paths for stuff (C:\Program Files\iTunes\blah blah blah).

Right, and I’m not responsible for you running up a trillion dollar bill with AT&T or if your spine curves or if your teeth yellow or if you drink rat poison because you fell in love with a rough trick named Jim or anything else as a result of you trying to do something to your bejebus phone :-)

Facebook iPhone App Bug

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Dear Facebook,

Your iPhone app is great … almost. Please fix the extremely annoying bug that doesn’t allow me to use apostrophes. It’s really annoying to have to type out “does not” or “do not” in place of “doesn’t” or “don’t.” I know, I could override the auto suggest and go with “dont,” but that just pisses me off. I already commit enough infractions against the English language without purposefully littering misspellings all over just because your application has to stupidly provide a server error every time I include an apostrophe in a comment.



Quick & Dirty iPhone Macro Lens

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I don’t know why I thought to do this especially since I think taking pictures on a cell phone is relatively stupid; however, I had the parts laying around and figured, “Why don’t I just see what that looks like?”



  1. Disassemble the camera and salvage the len(s) without zapping yourself. If you really want, you can zap yourself because some people like that … you freaks.
  2. Put the lens inside the soft-case
  3. Put your iPhone in the soft-case
  4. Take macro pictures at a glorious 2.0 megapixels

Update: After writing this, I actually took the time to see if I was original as I though did a quick search at instructables.com. Turns out, I’m not that creative: Cheap iphone macro lens for barcode scanning

boxee Debate on What You Want

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I don’t normally re-link to other blogs unless I really think it’s worth mentioning; however, there is currently a debate between boxee and what I can only assume is a content provider over here.

To me, it’s enlightening to the the other side of the arugument for a change. Generally, the only thing on the Internet is how the people on the Internet are always right and how other media/content providers are crazy.

I’ve read through both sides and, well, I just can’t agree with the content providers. I’m all for a la carte and I personally find the arguments made by the content provider to just be frustrating. One in particular about how “consumers think they want a choice” really got me annoyed. The plays into my hatred of how media really helps control the way the brainless masses think; however, freeing up that thinking and allowing real choice and hopefully removing the brainless from the masses.

It’s a Beer!!! (Specifically, an Ale)

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Pre-bottling taste test seems to show that it has a very smooth amber-styled ale flavor with the essential hoppie notes

Psuedo Live Beer Making Blog

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Just broke the candy thermometer. It is now officially a fiasco.

Ryan Writes In

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And just for the record, when the hell did it become OK to be a f***king moron? The last time I checked, the cops would still put your stupid ass in jail if you were out being a stupid ass.

Screw You Super iPhone Blog

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Your crap-ass rendition of my post doesn’t even come close to making a grammatically sound or remotely cognitive thought.