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Quick & Dirty iPhone Macro Lens

Wyatt • • General and Technology

I don’t know why I thought to do this especially since I think taking pictures on a cell phone is relatively stupid; however, I had the parts laying around and figured, “Why don’t I just see what that looks like?”



  1. Disassemble the camera and salvage the len(s) without zapping yourself. If you really want, you can zap yourself because some people like that … you freaks.
  2. Put the lens inside the soft-case
  3. Put your iPhone in the soft-case
  4. Take macro pictures at a glorious 2.0 megapixels

Update: After writing this, I actually took the time to see if I was original as I though did a quick search at instructables.com. Turns out, I’m not that creative: Cheap iphone macro lens for barcode scanning

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