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boxee Debate on What You Want

Wyatt • • General and Rants

I don’t normally re-link to other blogs unless I really think it’s worth mentioning; however, there is currently a debate between boxee and what I can only assume is a content provider over here.

To me, it’s enlightening to the the other side of the arugument for a change. Generally, the only thing on the Internet is how the people on the Internet are always right and how other media/content providers are crazy.

I’ve read through both sides and, well, I just can’t agree with the content providers. I’m all for a la carte and I personally find the arguments made by the content provider to just be frustrating. One in particular about how “consumers think they want a choice” really got me annoyed. The plays into my hatred of how media really helps control the way the brainless masses think; however, freeing up that thinking and allowing real choice and hopefully removing the brainless from the masses.

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