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Some how, I got this crazy idea in my head that I should try making my own beer. I’ve just finished sterilizing everything in the kit and now I’m moving on to the fun part … actually trying to brew beer.

1. Steeping the Grains
The hard part about this is trying to get the steel pot up to 170F without making it insanely hot to deal with later when I have to make sure that I don’t over boil the silly thing.

And the waiting…. We finally got to the appropriate steeping temperature so now there’s 20 minutes of waiting before we can bring it to a boil

2. Adding in Malt & Extract
Finally finished steeping. Have to let the grains drain and then add in the malt and extract

Added the ingredients and now we wait till it boils

Boil dammit!!!

Just broke the candy thermometer. It is now officially a fiasco.

Finally got to add the hops. Hope I don’t make it over boil.

My stove is having trouble keeping the heat up…moving to the lid.

Brand frickin new stock pot lid started snapping and developing hairline cracks…moving to a beefier lid and walmart is going to get a nasty-gram.

3. Beginning Fermentation
Starting the rapid cooling of the boiled sticky mess.

Adding in the yeast and the cool little air lock thingy.

And the beer has a new home for the next week


That’s all for now!!! Tomorrow, we’ll have to see if the yeast is actually working the way that it’s supposed to and that will be the tell-tale sign of whether or not we have a chance at success. Stay tuned!

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