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Recently, I receive a comment from a gentleman named Ryan. Normally, I just trash messages from people I don’t know; however, this one caught my eye:

Wow, I was considering you for some work, but after reading some of your comments to other individuals I now will not solely for your lack of tact. You may be some geeky techy who knows a lot about computer systems and networking, but you know jack shit about common courtesy.

No, I’m not one of these morons who asked you a previous question and am now offended by it. I am offended that you are trying to run a business and feel the need to treat people like crap because they ask stupid questions. Get used to it and get over it…you’re gonna get stupid questions guy!

I nearly spit all over my computer monitor when I read this I was laughing so hard. Wow … just … wow.

First off, I don’t apologize for any of my comments I have made towards anyone. All of the emails I have been sent and all of the comments people have left on the pages where they are specifically told that they will be reported, banned, and harassed for doing such ludicrous actions are just that: absolutely stupid.

Let me ask a general question, would you consider the following a “normal” reaction?

Person 1: Hey, I was thinking about robbing a bank, but I don’t have a gun and I’m not sure I can write a “hold up” note. In fact, I figured I’d just point at the bank, you’d go rob it and then give me all the money.
Person 2: No, I have those things, but I’m sorry I can’t help you out. Have a nice day.

NO! IT’S NOT!!! If someone came up to you on the street and asked you that, you’d be on your cell phone to the cops and driving as far away from that person as you could! My responses here are the same. People that are asking these questions genuinely know better and they know that they are asking for something illegal.

So … moving back to your comment Ryan, specifically “you know jack shit about common courtesy” bit. My official response is I don’t show common courtesy to would be criminals. Oh, and I’d also like to point out assuming that I’m a “geeky techy,” whatever the crap that is, is not only rude, but probably doesn’t really follow well along those lines of common courtesy that you’re referring to.

As to the fact that you’re “offended” that I’m trying to run a business and feel the need to treat people like crap because they ask stupid questions


First, I’m not trying to run a business, I AM running a business and I’m doing it just fine. What you can’t seem to get through your thick-walled watermelon you call a head is that you cannot run a business that is solely founded on ethics and education and allow this sort of rampant stupidity. This area of legality is no where to mess around and I have no tolerance for it. And just for the record, when the hell did it become OK to be a flippin’ moron? The last time I checked, the cops would still put your stupid-ass in jail if you were out being a stupid-ass.

Second, this is my site. I pay for it, I host it, and I receive all the emails related to it. I will operate in the fashion that I see fit and that includes telling ass-disasters like you that it’s my choice to operate my business and my site how I want. The better part is that if I want to take and post your attempt at being oh-so high and mighty all over the Internet, I’ll do just that too.

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