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Screw You Super iPhone Blog

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Super iPhone Blog can kiss my ass. Their crappy spam bot decided to visit my site and this is the result:

If you can’t read it, here’s what they wrote:

I eventually managed to intend a useful “hello world” app created for the iPhone and additional up on my site. The difficulty I was having was not exclusive were individual tutorials discover on the cyberspace inaccurate (i.e., using rattling older groundless techniques), but Apple’s cipher didn’t quite seem to provide me sufficiency information.I started mine completely from irritate with an Xcode iPhone analyse supported application, went finished the impact of adding my IBOutlet conjunctive it up, and then took the player travel of exercisin

Go here to feature the rest:
My First iPhone Hello World App

And my response:

I don’t care if you’re going to rip off my work; however, if you’re going to do it, at least take the time to write a spam bot that can actually do your job with a few more brain-cells that you. Your crap-ass rendition of my post doesn’t even come close to making a grammatically sound or remotely cognitive thought.

Write a better spam bot or just suck less in general. In fact, just leave the Internet before someone revokes your day-pass.

Go suck a spoon jackass. All of your links have been purged from my site and if I find anymore, I’m going to myspace-goatse “hack” your crap-ass spam bot.

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