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Friends Don’t Let friends Use Dreamweaver

Wyatt • • Rants and Technology

Really .. they don’t. No one should every be allowed to “generate,” and I use that term so loosely, a website from what they create in Dreamweaver. Two of my friends and I have spent nearly 2 days fixing 5 pages that were “generated” by Dreamweaver. Has any one ever looked at the crap HTML it generates??? It’s absolutely nuts. The cramming of all the style sheets in to anonymous names and stuffed at the top of each HTML is beyond ridiculous. And don’t even get me started on the static layout of all the pages it trys to render by default. I took at page that was “generated” by Dreamweaver and ran it though the W3C Markup Validation Service … 138 errors. And not hard to catch errors … they obvious really stupid errors. Missing tags, improper style declarations, style declarations to absolutely nothing on the page; the list goes on.

So moral of the story … don’t let anyone use Dreamweaver to PRODUCE the live version of a website. Build it in a REAL editor like Notepad, Vim, The Programmer’s Notepad, or TextMate. Hell, build it in Visual Studio’s text editor … just don’t trust some bloated, crappy tool to produce something functional for you.

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