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Quickie: XMBC/Boxee Created in Linux

Wyatt • • Technology and Tips from a Hack

Alright, I’m sure this will be documented much more clearly elsewhere and in a hacker-ish manner, but here’s the basic steps to make the atv-bootloader in a Linux environment so you can install Boxee or XBMC. Make sure you install the HFS/HFS+ tools for your Linux distribution.

  1. Open up the shell and roll up your sleeves
  2. Get the latest from svn <div class="codesnip-container" >
    wyatt@hax0red:~/ svn co http://atvusb-creator.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/atvusb-creator
  3. Change into the atv-usbcreator directory and launch the creator <div class="codesnip-container" >
    wyatt@hax0red:~/atvusb-creator$ sudo ./atvusb-creator.py
  4. Plug in a partitioned USB drive and create the patch stick with Boxee/XBMC/whatever (which will do it wrong, but that’s ok!)
  5. Now, write the real image to the device using dd like a good linux user <div class="codesnip-container" >
    wyatt@hax0red:~/atvusb-creator$ dd if=staging/atv_512MB.img of=/dev/sdb
  6. Once that’s done, pop out the USB drive and plug it back in
  7. You should now be prompted to automount 2 partitions on the drive, the second should be empty
  8. Copy everything from payloads into this mounted directory <div class="codesnip-container" >
    wyatt@hax0red:~/atvusb-creator$ sudo cp -r payloads/patchstick/* /media/PATCHSTICK/.

Hope it works for you! And if not, give it a few, they’ll have a Windows and Linux version working shortly.

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