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This really isn’t for anyone else other than myself. I’m sick and tired of having to look up all the vim commands to put in my .vimrc file every time I build/logon to a new system. Maybe you’ll get some joy out of the comments. Here it is:

” enable syntax highlighting because it’s pretty and useful and it should be on by effing default!!!
syntax on

” show the current cursor position in the bottom right cause i can’t count lines for crap
set ruler

” show incomplete command in the lower right corner for when i forget insane vim commands
set showcmd

” allow backspace to work and not annoy the ever living crap out of me
set backspace=1

” jump to matching [({ thingys. sometimes i like this, sometimes i don’t
set showmatch

” show search matches as you type because i’m generally looking for mis-speeellings
set incsearch

” make the mouse enabled at all times because i like being able to paste crap in
set mouse=a

” makes Vim use the indent of the previous line for a newly created line otherwise i can’t read my own code
set autoindent

” i don’t know what this is, but if it makes my code smarter, i want to use it
set smartindent

” highlight search results so you can actually find what you’re looking for
set hlsearch

” lots of fun stuff for specific files
filetype plugin indent on

” allow the EOL to be backspaced over cause i like getting the previous line too
set backspace=2

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