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The Second Time

Wyatt • • Rants

Today will mark the second time that I will have willingly yielded to an opponent based solely on the preferences of the other members of my group.

The last time I did this, I said that action of appeasement to a empty threat would provide a continued channel of abuse from a former customer; however, I was outvoted and went along with the consensus of the group. Four months went by and as I predicted, our former customer contacted us again to ask services we had provided once before. Again, I followed the actions of appeasement to “prevent any possible legal issues” that could arise.

You can say that I’m just being proud, headstrong, reckless, or whatever you’d like to call me. But I do not believe in being bullied. As is such, I have a very difficult time standing behind my decision. For some people standing behind something you don’t believe in doesn’t seem to be a very big deal; however, my conscious nags me to the point of insanity for following by decision I do not believe in.

That makes two. There will not be a third.

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