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When Experience Is Worthless

Wyatt • • Rants

On this blog, you’ll rarely see anything political, one because I don’t think anyone cares what I think about politics and two … logic would never prevail in politics because that’s not what the mob of idiots we call America these days wants.

However, I declare shenanigans on Hillary Clinton and anyone else that says we need an experienced person in office right now. Bull. It’s crap. You know it. Go sit and spin. From the way I see it, you are experienced in politics if:

To me, I don’t think we need someone experienced, we need someone untainted by the squaller that is the United States political system. Is that person Mr. Oboma? No, probably not; however, I would venture to say that because he’s less experienced, maybe he’d stand a better shot at trying to improve the system.

But really, it’s not the people we put in the system, it’s the system itself (aka, the voters). Don’t get me wrong, Washington could use an enema of epic proportions to get the crusty wankers out, but the voters aren’t doing their part either.

Wake up America, you’re sucking butt and sucking it big time! What do we hear over and over on media? Voters want change. So what do we vote for? The same crap each time. And by the same crap, I mean the same old people with “experience” that have provided hardly any good change over the past 30+ years. Can anyone really tell me when the last time we had an “Aha! See!?! America works!!!” moment? Really, tell me because I can’t seem to find one.

The sad truth of the matter is we have no direction. Not just from leadership, but as a nation. We have so many issues at home … but we never seem to focus on them because there isn’t any money to be made saving the environment. There’s no money to be made improving our school systems or trying to help out those who enter higher education. The list goes on, but we’d rather piss around in the sand over $2.00/gal of gas as opposed to actually funding research that would produce a zero emissions energy source. We’d also rather put our students that choose the path of higher education $60,000+ in debt the moment they get out of school as opposed to trying to minimize that dept so the future money makers will actually have something to put back into the economy (imagine 1mil college graduates each year investing an average of $500/each over 13 years back into the economy instead of throwing it away to insane interest on education loans).

But wait, there I go bringing logic and math into it … and we all know that politics crumbles when you add math and logic.

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