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Week Of The Suck

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It’s been a long time since I’ve had a week that just sucked … this last week must have been my payment for my suck-sabbatical. First off, work was annoying beyond belief. Not because of the work (no, that didn’t come until Friday), but because of redoing the schedule again and again. As if the beatings for being a “Junior Engineer” who is not working as efficiently as a “Senior Engineer” that hasn’t been working on the project weren’t enough to make me want to flog management, the rampant obliteration of the schedule and project design as a whole the moment someone finds something inconvenient would surely be enough to shove me over the edge reason.

On the HTG side of things, we could be doing a lot better. Right now, it feels as if the sand is slipping from beneath us and instead of worrying about how to get out, we’re pretending there isn’t any sand. No, we aren’t going out of business, but you might call it a criss of conscious as to the business mentality. I’ve been whoring out my “development” skills for a meager $25 / web-based form. Additional income is good, but form stuff is just doesn’t have any challenge to it. Additionally, we will be loosing one of our business partners. While I wish I could say it was a shock, I’m not surprised because I think it’s been coming for about 3 months for him. His tireless effort and amazing intelligence will be sorely missed.

The one redeeming tidbit of this week was Valentines Day. Sara was surprised and pleased so I don’t think I could ask for much more in that arena … other than to have the fricken Irish Pub carry their damned creme brulée again.

And the final straw for this week? I discovered that global warming is letting the terrorist win. How? Check back later and I’ll explain ;-).

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