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Blowing the Whistle

Wyatt • • Rants

Alright America … sit down, shut up, and listen because I’m pulling out the soap box for this one.

I am tired, mentally and physically, of this crap. I’m not sure who perpetuated this self-indulgent bullcrap where people are “too sensitive” to hear about how poorly the are performing. I don’t know where this stigma came from that we can’t call people out for doing a terrible job, but it’s got to end … I mean it’s really got to end.

If I hear one more bullcrap line about, “Well, we’ll need to talk with so-and-so’s manager about that… blah, blah, blah.” BULLSHIT!!!

If they suck, tell them they suck! My word people … the only thing worse than the people that aren’t doing squat is the fact that we have a system that lets them do squat and get away with it. Screw that crap sideways. If you see someone sucking it up, and you don’t call it out … NEWSFLASH!!! you suck just as bad because you aren’t doing your job!

I’m not telling anyone to be a tattle-tale over who drank the last cup of coffee or stupid crap like that, but you know that point where someone is pulling this bullcrap. It’s about two steps before the everyone talks to each other behind the slackers back about how bad they are slacking, but no one has told the slacker or the person responsible for the slacker. Screw that! Call them out, tear them a new rectum, and let them know they suck in front of about half of your team and at least one manager who’s job is on the line for this person to perform properly.

I think we need to get some more public ridicule involved in the workplace. How many people do you think would shape up if they knew that their slacking would be splayed out the whole world too see??? Statistics show that one of the most important things to people at their place of employment is the perception of how they are recognized by their peers … with that little tidbit of info, seems to me that I’ve got a whole new motivational scheme going on here. Who wants hire me out for “Kick You’re Employees Asses’ Into Gear Classes?” Email wyatt@hackerforhire.org for pricing and scheduling information.

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