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2007 Year End Review

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I know that I’ve done a terrible job at updating my blog with my latest rants, raves, recipes, and letters from retards; however, I’m going to change that for this year. You can call it a resolution, but the reality is that I miss writing about nit-wits :)

So in an effort to kick it off right, I thought it might be a nice change of pace to show you just what kind of interesting stuff the blog gets to see, but no one else does.

Top Search Term
This is the one that blew me away … top search phrases for this site are a riot

  1. apple dip recipe
  2. revenge stories
  3. hacker codes
  4. code snippet
  5. trac pam
  6. swfupload upload_script
  7. evil ideas
  8. ffmpeg 3gp codec
  9. use firefox to hack it someone’s myspace

Where the hell is “hacker codes” coming from??? I mean, it brings up the Code Snippet page … but that doesn’t even come close to what I would take that to mean. An the last one … that is my absolute favorite because there were at least 3 separate people that searched for that, 3 different IP’s on 3 different days (different states too). I have no idea how the hell someone would come the the conclusion that Firefox would be the best tool to “hack” MySpace.com, but just … wow. I see that I also need to increase my evil output as well from what the search results show.

Most View Page [on site]
The page most clicked on, view, whatever-ed from the front page is … The Apple Dip recipe! Apparently, people love the apple dip so I’ll see what I can do to put up some new recipes at some point in time, but I never thought people would come here for food :-)

Most View Page [referred]
The most view page … “Code Snippet 2.0″ I’d have to say that hosting this plug-in has taken up more time that I could ever imagine; but it’s been so worth it. I really wish that I had time to do all the other fun things I’d want to with it, but sadly it gets a lower priority. From seeing the number of page views (3800+), I think that I’m going to have to do just a little bit more work on it.

That’s all I have for 2007, I hope that I’ll have more in 2008.

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