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Vmware Server 2.0 First Thoughts

Wyatt • • Rants and Technology

I’m a pretty big fan of Vmware. As a developer, it’s almost become an essential tool of the trade for keeping around different systems to test with, etc. so when the new beta version was released, I was right there to sign up. Here’s a few of my thoughts on the new beta.

First off, I swear to god Vmware, FIX YOUR DAMNED REGISTRATION FORM!!! I don’t need to fill out 75 fricken check boxes, including checking a check box that says “I’m not going to check any of these check boxes,” to try and register … especially if I have an account at your site. If I have an account, I should just be able to log in, register for my key, and start downloading. If this is the first impression people get of your site, what do you think they are going to think about your product? Exactly. Fix it.

Second, I don’t know why there is this need to shove Vmware Infrastructure down my throat, but you seem to feel the need to. Guess what, 70% of developers don’t need that type of system. Now some people that have to do really, really tricky multi-threaded, super-uptime system … but not me. Stop trying to force me to use something you think I want when for once, the customer actually KNOWS what they want.

Third, where did my windowed interface go??? You’ve replaced my nice, speedy, clean Windows/GTK application with a crap-ass Tomcat Java web-app. I understand the pain and suffering trying to build and maintain 2 different UIs; however, you went completely the wrong way with it. You should have just stuck with the GTK version of the application … cause you know, it runs on Linux and Windows! Damn you to hell with a stick and your stupid web-app up your ear sideways. It used to take me about 15 seconds to define a new system; however, thanks to the new and worthless UI that was obviously skanked from Vmware Infrastructure (there you go, shoving it down my throat again), it takes me almost a minute because of how terrible this new interface is. Don’t get me wrong, I like the new “System Summary” page, and it was missing from 1.0, but the other sacrifices just aren’t worth it. And before you go off into criticizing my hardware, 2.0GB at 2Ghz is enough to run Tomcat’s crappiness.

Other than that, the improved hardware (love the USB 2.0) and the currently running VM’s do great. Keep up the good work … and fix the damned registration page.

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