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Right of Way

Wyatt • • Rants

To the woman who question my automotive cornering ethics & capabilities at Sampson & Montgomery, you’re lucky there wasn’t a cop around. In the grand state of Ohio, as well as the rest of the United States, we do something called “driving on the right hand side of the road.” Now, I know that doesn’t mean a lot to someone with bug-eye sunglasses and severe learning disorder such as yourself, but to the rest of us, that concept hopefully prevents morons from driving down the wrong side of the road. That sort of thing generally causes loud sounds, blood, and paperwork … and no one likes paperwork.

Now since we have this fun “driving on the right hand side of the road” concept, the really smart people came up with the idea that people who are turning right also have something called the “right of way.” Impressively enough, it means just what it sounds like … the person turning right has priority in completing their turn (I’m sure you understand this since you’ve probably shoved your way to the front of the fat-sack line numerous times). What this also means is that if someone is turning right at an intersection before an obviously incompetent person such as yourself is attempting to turn left at the same intersection … the ‘left-turner’ must yield the right of way, something you obviously didn’t want to do … yet were “forced” into doing by the observation that I “might” have splatted you.

So for future reference you bag of vaginal dirt, yield the right of way unless you want to deal with loud sounds, blood, paperwork, and you loosing the license you probably don’t have anyway.


PS: Don’t look at me, you’re ugly. Skank.

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