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Mexico Trip 2 – Happy / Drunk Mexicans

Wyatt • • Mexico and Travel

It’s not until you can’t have something that you really start to crave it (many people do this with sex or air I’ve been told). I really had no idea how much I would miss water, let alone how much of it I drink in a day, until I couldn’t get it anywhere without purchasing it in a bottle. After the second coke / beer / Chamoy-martini (a very “mexican” drink as it was described), I was jonesin’ for some high quality H2O. The chances of someone blackmailing me with pictures of me … doing whatever, are zero in comparison for how quickly I’d sell out for a tank of ice cold water.

It probably didn’t help me that I spent the most blistering part of the day walking around Playa for shopping and then laying out by (not in) the pool, but we did manage to pickup a really nice silver bracelet for pretty cheap and a nice Mayian calendar for some wall at home. It occurs to me that while in Playa, being out before 6PM is a really terrible idea because it’s just nuts hot; however, after that life becomes more bearable.

We decided to hit Italian for dinner (yeah, in Mexico, yuk it up) at a place called ‘Salute.’ This place is know for it’s martinis and our hotel was kind enough to get up two free ones just for showing up and eating. Their signature drink is called the ‘Chamoy Martini’ and is described as “very” Mexican … translation, fricken spicy. It’s kind of like a good tasting bloody Mary, but with an instant burn instead of the Tabasco-lingering affect. Two cokes, two nice entrees and 2 free martinis came out to ~$40 American by the time tip as added. Not to shabby for the amazingly upscale joint that we were eating at; however, it didn’t have the same botulism feel that the $7pesos taco stand had. We decided that “Don Marios” on 8th and 10th had some pretty decent Mexican food, without the fear of extreme food poisoning.

Rounding out the day was a nice walk down 5th street to find the 7/11 with bottled water; however, we ended up walking all the way down town without finding the damn place (yeah, it was over in Cozumel … oops). Against my better judgment, I purchased a real, honest to goodness Cuban cigar. Now, I’m no smoker … heck, I’ve never smoked anything other than second hand smoke in my entire life, but I figured this would be the one time in my life that I would get to try something you can’t get (legally) in America. More on that after I try it. After we got back from our excursion down the street, we took a bunch of cool night shots at the hotel. Tomorrow, we pickup the Wrangler & head off to Chitzen Itza.

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