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That’s right, Casa-de-Neal has a new look to its kitchen. Thanks to the assistance from Micah, Will, Joe, Sara, and my dad … we have new refrigerator and a new convection oven! Oh, and the matching under the counter microwave. My dad and step-mom moved into their new house that was already furnished and rather than hassle with changing everything, they opted to give it to me. All three are decked out in glorious stainless and black which looks great against the paint in our kitchen (kudos for the pick on that Sara). We still have to get the mounting bracket and a new cupboard for above the stove since the old one is too big … but that’s child’s play for professionals like me.

There are also two leather chairs and a sofa that came along for the ride. They are positioned comfortably down stairs whilst the older stuff has been moved up to the upstairs living area and the other futon into the spare bedroom. It actually makes the place look much nicer … that and the couches are great movie-watching/Wii-playing/Halo-smashing accessories. I’ll drop some pictures up when I get a chance.

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