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Where Has the Time Gone?

Wyatt • • General

Wow … 2007 already and here I am with less stuff on my blog than I hoped. Things have been really busy lately so I’m just going to give you the drive by blogging version.

First up, congratulations to HTG and their purchase of a shinny new Sun Server. The thing fricken smokes! I swear I was about to be sucked into it when we booted it the first time. You can read more about that here … well, maybe. It is a short post.

In other news, we are now on release 0.3 of Project REM. There was a small spat between the group; however, that can pretty well be chalked up to stress from the holidays, server move, and taking on an ungodly number of points to complete for a delivery that happened to be a day to “early” (HTG, was on time … the client was not). Needless to say, trumpets sounded, people hugged, and life went back to normal after everyone got to say their piece (at least I hope so).

Going along with HTG, it’s now coming to tax season and unfortunately, this is one tax form I’m not ready to attack. I’m cool with doing my own 1040 and 1099 forms, but I’d prefer to make HTG’s first pseudo-fiscal year not be the first year we received an audit letter from the IRS. I have to say, I’m very impressed with the work that’s been accomplish and by the looks of it, we’re only going to have more fun as it goes along.

Lastly, I’ve got four resolutions that I’m trying to work on for the new year. First one is to eat more healthy foods like fruits and whole grain oats. Secondly, it’s to stop eating out so much at work since I know it’s not good for me and it’s just costing me more money. Thirdly, I’m going to attempt to get a more regular exercise schedule because it makes my head clearer to think and work. Lastly, I’m going to try and blog at least 3 times a week. And to help me keep track of how well I’m doing, there’s a sweet little app called Joe’s Goals. Basically, you set up some plus minus habits and it keeps track of them for you. It’s free, simple, and quick, go check it out.

That’s all for now, I’ll be back next week with the tale of my new fridge and oven.

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