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Wow, has it been insane busy this past month. Being as I’ve been chastised by multiple people that I haven’t been online/updating my blog/calling/etc enough to prove I’m alive, I’ll take the opportunity to give you the summary of what I’ve been up to.

Re-wiring Project
This one has been on the list for a long time and now I’m in the midst of pulling it off. Thanks to the help from my friends, I’ve achieved a stable base for the wiring to spider through the house. Currently, the lights upstairs are the only thing completed; however, I have two nice holes in two different walls that says I’ve been working on trying to make things happen. The bathroom will be the next one, followed by each of the bedrooms … then a wash-rinse-repeat for the downstairs.

HTG is quite possibly taking up more time than I knew I had available. Things with HTG have taken a direction that we could have only hoped would happen. We have a gentleman that we are developing a web-based application for that is hopefully going to make some other people drool. The coolness of the app is that not only are we hopefully going to have something slick that will rake in the cash, but that it will make an awesome addition to the HTG resume and what we are capable of accomplishing. The down side is that it’s been an insane learning curve using Dojo for the client-side fun and Java’s DWR for the server-side callbacks. Rest assured that I’ll be getting no rest from this until we’re ready to roll out on January 1, 2007.

The Nintendo Wii is quite possibly the coolest video game console I’ve played in a long time. The interaction is great and you can’t beat it for the price. If you get bored, you’ll have to come over and play with my Wii on my new 57″ TV.

OK, that’s all that I really have time for. Here’s a link to the HTML version of my Google Calendar. I’ll be updating it with all the hours starting next week that I’ve been spending on HTG so that you really can see that I am busy and that I’m not just ignoring you or that I don’t exist.

Oh yeah … since when is the last time that anyone’s left a message while I’ve been away and I’ve not gotten back to them? Or not returned a voice mail that was left on my phone? Or returned an email? Yeah … never … that’s what I thought. And don’t piss and moan about spelling or grammar, I shat this out in about 7 minutes.

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