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Acer 19″ Wide Screen LCD (AL1916W)

Wyatt • • Technology

Well, after 10 years I finally decided to get a new monitor. No, the old 15″ CRT is still working fine, you just have to jiggle the cord every now and again to get the color to go back to normal instead of the funky purple haze.

I must admit, I was a little leery of getting a wide screen monitor though I’m not really sure why. Movies are wide screen, DVDs are wide screen, and most TVs are wide screen these days; however, I’ve never had to sit and stare at a monitor that was a wide screen. I think the big turn off was I saw wide screen laptops before I got the chance to try out a real monitor. I don’t care what you say, it’s not a “lap”-top with a 22″ monitor.

Needless to say, I’m beyond impressed. At $190 shipped (thanks New Egg), this has been one of the best computer investments that I’ve made in a long time. With 1440×900, 5ms, 32-bit goodness, my eyes love it. It’s super bright, though some have complained that it’s too bright … I’d say those people are wusses and aren’t used to burning out their corneas on a daily basis. One of the best parts is that there is NO DRIVER for it in Windows (Winblows) XP, it just works like it does in Linux (Xorg was a touch fussy for a moment, but we’ve come to terms). If you’re in the mood for a new monitor and want something that’s big enough to see everything, but small enough to not emit unhealthy doses of gamma radiation, I highly recommend this monitor.

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