Hacker for Hire

The Dark Days Campaign: Neal’s Revenge

Wyatt • • Rants and Remodeling

One week had past since the woeful defeat of the Killers. During this time, the Admiral and his fellow consorts, Joe and William, made several logistics runs to fortify their position and prepare for the onslaught hence forth known as “Neal’s Revenge.”

After previously being defeat at his home turf, plans were made to reclaim the base at all costs (Admiral Neal was in a slightly foul mood due to a dislocated shoulder). After creating a rendezvous time and securing a suitable siege ladder from The First Apostolic Church in Sector K, the band laid in wait until high-noon.

At the first stroke of noon, the trio stormed the base in a merciless salvo that would have sent the hounds of hell running. Flanking their enemy by complete surprise, Joe and Will, tore though the reinforced concrete walls like lemmings on fire though a cheese wheel. Using hammer drills and sledge-o-matic action, the breech of the north wall occurred in moments. After piping in fresh conduit to allow a easy assault, Will and Joe installed a new meter socket before an attempt to retaliate could happen.

Meanwhile, Admiral Neal and Sara charged the enemy head on. Eviscerating their foe from the wall like Grandma Knickerbottom’s Eviscerators used to rip entrails from a yak, Sara and Wyatt immediately plowed though to aid Joe and Will from the inside out. After securing the area, the new conduit into the base was wire and attached to the meter socket and a new mounting for the load panel was put in place. Two massive grounding rods and enough silicon sealant to gag a Rancor was also put into place to halt any other attacks like this one.

The battle waged on over the weekend until the enemy was thoroughly annihilated from existence. Though the battle was won, the long road of repairs was only just beginning and Admiral Neal and his crew knew their next foe on this campaign would be the most cumbersome of them all … The Duke of Energy.

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