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The Dark Days Campaign: Battle of the Breakers

Wyatt • • Rants and Remodeling

In 2006, Admiral Neal and his Killers faced one the most brutal campaigns ever … The Dark Days Campaign. This is first strike in the campaign that brought the battles closer to Admiral Neal’s home base than anyone ever though possible.

0300 hours: A terrible crash of thunder roused Admiral Neal. At the time, it was dismissed to only be a mild thunder storm; however, this was the precursor to the most dangerous battle Admiral Neal’s Killers would ever have to face.

0700 hours: Admiral Neal noted that the power to one room in his base was out; however, other battles needed fought this day and this one was postponed until later that day.

1700 hours: Admiral Neal returned to his base to resolve the issues at hand. After throwing the main breaker and resetting it, the entire first floor was now completely without power. Perplexed, Admiral Neal began his investigation at the main panel. After stripping of the cover, the truth became apparent that this attack was more devastating that originally thought. Water had run down the inside of the sheathed cable and shorted out the main breaker. Sensing the volatile nature of the situation, the professionals were called in from Duke Energy to disable all power to the affected systems.

1800 hours: Duke Energy arrived on the scene to defuse the situation. After pulling the meter, Admiral Neal consulted with “The Dukes” and was told the meter was a 200 AMP meter and could be replaced with part already stocked in the armory. Sensing time was against them, reinforcements (Joe and William) were called in to help make the emergency repairs.

2000 hours: After a logistics run to procure the final few items to complete the task, the crew went to work. Relying on only the tools available to bore a new hole through the concrete, the battle was waged onward into the night. Eventually, an entrance suitable for the new wire (twice the size of the old one and precariously drilled next to another carrying a live 240V) and the struggle continued with Joe, Will, and Admiral Neal employing every tactical maneuver known to overcome the size constraints including using two massive sledge hammers and a pipe that was previously used by Admiral Neal in The Battle of Twisted Pipe.

2200 hours: With the new cable in place, and the battle looking to be over, the Trio attacked the live 600V meter panel to complete the replacement. The dangers of using a reciprocating saw to widen the hole at the bottom of a meter panel carrying 200 AMPS were faced by Admiral Neal under the watchful eyes of Joe and Will. After spewing shards of hot metal from the new hole cut in the meter socket panel, Admiral Neal let Will and Joe proceed to install the new cable.

2230 hours: Still attempting to install the cable only inches away from the most powerful force the Killers had ever reckoned with, the tide of the battle turned abruptly. While attempting to install the cable, it was found that they had been sabotaged. “The Dukes” had thwarted the crew by miss identifying the meter as being able to support 200 AMPS. As the Killers attempted to finagle the wire into place, lightning crashed and thunder echoed through out the area as rain began to attack them. Knowing the danger presented in any further advances would only result in more casualties, Admiral Neal, bloodied and burned, admitted defeat. After returning to his battered based and tending to the wounded, the trio concurred that while this battle was lost; however, there was another opportunity to devastate the enemy with a home turf advantage.

Thus concluded the first step in a very hard fought campaign. The heavy losses faced by the Killers totalled to:

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