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To everyone out there … especially the ones that don’t read this blog, I’d like to give you a small grain of wisdom. We are fortunate enough to live in a society where nearly every household has a car; however, it seems that some individuals are abusing their privileges of the motor vehicle. Since I don’t have enough hard disk space to hold a post that would list all my annoyances with the way that other people drive, I’m just going to pick one thing that bugs me. No, it’s not the number one thing; however, it’s close and I chosen it because I had to deal with it over and over again today.

Stop signs.

Stop signs are great. They keep our rude asses from whacking into each other on most of the time we obey them. There is one thing that I can’t get though … what fscked up drivers education school taught that you were supposed to clog up traffic and wait for EVERY car to clear the intersection before you could proceed??? I mean, where’s the logic? If you can go safely, and it’s your turn to go, and you won’t be interfering with the other person … why not just go and get the hell out of the way? I know that the less interaction at a stop sign, the less likely there will be an accident; however, when you factor in that you have 20 cars that all want to go straight … and you want to go straight … and the only other cars at the stop sign are the ones straight across from you and all those idiots want to do is go straight, I think you’re increasing the chances by adding more cars to the same general vicinity.

Just to let you know, I misspelled “straight” every time I typed it in the previous sentence.

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