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Frustration Mounting …

Wyatt • • Rants

No, not the title to a bad porno … you sick freak. Just how I’ve been feeling lately. There’s been a ton of crap on my plate and the worst part is that I’ve not been getting much of it done. I’ve also been neglecting my outlet (aka, this blog) since I’ve been trying to come up with ideas for HTG as well as starting a new job … not that starting the new job should have any real affect on anything at this point (so far, two days and I’ve done nothing other than tell HR that I won’t molest people in an unethical manner while taking drugs, drinking poison, and ignoring a sign that says “Don’t Explode This!”) I even have another Evil Ideas themed post that is already written, just not edited.

All that aside, I really don’t think ignoring my stress outlet is that beneficial so keep your eyes open and you’ll see more. I’m out for tonight, I’ve got a long day of sitting around doing nothing tomorrow.

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