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Gizmo Project makes all VoIP to landline calls free. Forever.

Wyatt • • Rants

Pretty sweet if you ask me, though there are a few limitations. Stuff like you have to use the service regularly and they reserve the right to limit the length of the call; however, what caught my eye was that I could have a phone number for $35 a month for unlimited call in. Not super useful by itself; however, if you are running a business where people call in and want to leave a message or something like that, it’s a perfect solution. Plus it’s also a good idea to help keep my personal number off of all this cruft I have to send in to make a business actually functional/legal.

It also gives me a geek out as well :-). Since my Nokia e60 is a SIP phone, I should be able to use it with my Gizmo account … should. Apparently, there is a NAT issue with the e-series that makes things a little difficult and I’ve not been able to get mine to connect yet; however, it’s only a matter of time before I resolve that issue. In the mean time, I’ve collected the best source of Nokia-SIP connection information off of some site that tries to print ever time I go to it. I’ve put it in my Google Notebook here for anyone else that might find it useful. When I get mine working, I’ll put up a step-by-step.

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