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“Do your FSCKING Job!!!”

Wyatt • • General

Work is a funny thing. Most people go to it because they “have” to. The smart ones go because they want to. The funny ones are the ones that take work waaaaaay to seriously. For example, today a co-worker, Mr. X, was working with a very incompetent site and Verizon trying to resolve an issue. Mr. X was practically stomping up and down trying to get Verizon to resolve the issue while they were saying that two brand new router that replaced the old routers were both physically malfunctioning. The best part was that Mr. X and Mr. Y got into a swear off which of course drew a crowd and Mr. X ended the spat with “Do your FSCKING Job!!!”

I know that I take a lot of thing seriously and occasionally fly off in a fit of rage; however, I don’t think that I’ve ever taken my job that seriously (except when I was forced to do the cabling at Tri-Health) … and in that case, it wasn’t my job that I was taking seriously, it was the fact I was doing a bull shit job. Still though, I only wonder what I could say to stir the pot just a little more just to see where these two would take it. Does that make me evil? 😈

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