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Ever since this jackass in L.A. stole money from me on a Yahoo!(another story for later), I’ve been extremely cautious with all of my online dealings. Every retailer I go to gets Googled and Yahoo-ed to death to find all horrid reviews, angry clients, and unhappily shaven monkeys. Since I’ve been in the market for a new cell phone, one of the first places I looked was eBay. Item number 9522329615 was a Nokia E60 that I was considering purchasing; however, it was an international order and the guy only had 2 prior “good” rating. Another red flag went off when I noticed that the seller was talking about “buy it now” on an auction only product. So I sent an email asking about shipping and what the costs would be.

This message was sent while the listing was active.
wyatt_n is a potential buyer.
What would shipping to Cincinnati, OH, USA cost?
Moron (ion popescu
[prostiemulti@yahoo.com] to me)

Buy it now price for 1 nokia e60 is 200 GBP .
We have a promotion until 1 june and shipping is free .
We accept only escrow services for payment in order to keep us and our customers secure .
If price is convenient for you please email us your full shipping adress so we can start the escrow tranaction and shipp the nokia e60 to you.
We hope you will be satisfied and you will continue to order from us in the future .
We will be waitting for your email.

Now on top of poorly worded grammar and bad spelling, doesn’t that just reek of “I’m trying to bone you!” Who in the hell would setup and escrow account for a $350 product? To top it off, why the hell didn’t you answer my question you jackass??? I swear, even the damn scammers are getting fricken lazy these days. All that aside, I was glad I asked to confirm my assumptions because now if you go to the item, eBay has a really suspicious notice up about how the item just isn’t available anymore.

See if you think it’s a fake. I bring you the original in all of it’s Google Cache spender, minus the fifty million pictures because I don’t want to upload and fix the code. It’s a fricken scammer, I don’t care that much :twisted:.

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