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Remodeling Part IV: 4 Simple Steps My Ass

Wyatt • • Remodeling

Due to unforeseen circumstances, Heather had to move in with us a little sooner than planned. This of course has re-jimmied the remodeling schedule a touch. Basically, we needed another room upstairs to put all the excess crap in and for that to happen, the room of the “Pink Death” had to have the floor fixed. Make sure you read the whole article before you comment. Anyone commenting on something stupid will get the ban-hammer of pain thrashed upon their knees.

<img src="http://zerohour.sytes.net/gallery2/d/15489-2/IMG_1153.JPG" height=90 width=120/>

Heather moved in with us on Tuesday night of the previous week. This was a little sooner than expected; however, her roommate was being more of a jack ass than expected and didn’t pay the power bill. Of course, this leads to Cinergy coming out and saying “Hey, give me cash or I’m shutting down the power.” Needless to say, Heather moved that day and Scott the crackhead is now officially boned. Since Heather was now joining us, we needed more room to move everything that was in my room. This required us to fix the floor in the god awful pink room.

Now, before I get into the pictures … I did not paint the room pink. I did not put the glitter on the off-pink ceiling. I don’t like the color pink or the glitter on the ceiling. I put down the laminate floor on Friday night, May 12, 2006. It is a new laminate floor. I did not paint the room after installing the laminate floor. I plan to paint the room white. I don’t plan to paint the room in the next five minutes while you are reading this. I plan to paint the room when I am damn well ready. Yes, there is tile in the closet. No, I didn’t put the tile in the closet. The house used to be a two family and that was the old kitchen. The room is not a kitchen anymore. I have no plans to make the room a kitchen. The room looks just as it did in the final picture. If you don’t read this and ask a question that relates to this, pain will be brought upon you and your comment. Click the images for larger views.

Before During After
<img src="http://zerohour.sytes.net/gallery2/d/15425-2/IMG_1134.JPG" height=90 width=120/> <img src="http://zerohour.sytes.net/gallery2/d/15453-2/IMG_1144.JPG" height=90 width=120/> <img src="http://zerohour.sytes.net/gallery2/d/15473-2/IMG_1149.JPG" height=90 width=120/>

All photos starting at the bottom of page 4.

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