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Quick … Not Like Sara’s Graduation

Wyatt • • General and Technology

Well, this weekend was Sara’s graduation so if you see her online or in person, give her a nice congrats please :-). The ceremony was really pretty good. Their speaker was apparently one of the key speech writers for the Regan administration; though, she was a little long winded with her point of America having a big “Help Wanted” sign on the front line. I would have to agree with her, especially considering that her most valid point is that our government is spending more time making sure that it looks like they are doing something other than really getting anything accomplished. The implications of that speak for themselves and I have no intention of getting into a political debate on my site … especially one that I don’t feel I have enough information to form a well thought out argument (check out the Dilbert blog for that explanation).

Back on topic, Sara graduated but the ceremony was longer than Janet Reno’s mustache hair. It was a great time though and I had a lot of fun. We got a lot of pictures and I finally just got them up on the photo site after a few table corruption issues (damned MySQL fsckedgrade that I should have just done the crappy way the first time). Apparently, the user table was messed up so you could view stuff, but I couldn’t log in to add stuff (really weird errors). But it works now, so go take a look at the pictures and let me know if their are any you like in particular and congratulate Sara :-D!

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