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Superhero Naming Contest

Wyatt • • General

OK, here’s the deal … my step-father has a contest for work to come up with a new name for the “superhero” of their motivational bull crap in the grocery store. The current hero has been struck by lightning and they are either looking to replace him or give him a new name. The hero, “Captain Stop,” (stupid ass marketing majors) fights against “Snidely Shrink.” The thing you need to know is that “shrink” is basically the waste of product(s) in the business, that’s basically what “Captain Stop” fights.

Why is this important? Because I am challenging you to come up with more creative names that we came up with and submit them as comments (as man as you like per comment). Here’s the list we came up with, try and come up with more or vote for your favorite!

Keep in mind, this was four of us, one hour, and a very bad thesaurus written by a vicious liberal (I’ll post a comment about it later.) Please submit your idea. If it’s selected, I’ll give you the ice cream that you would win!!!

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