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Wow … I never thought I would see it happen, but another couple of posts have over taken the FBI post in popularity. I guess it was bound to happen at some point in time; however, I wonder how much of it is due to way that the new popularity engine ranks things. It is “improved” in the way that it doesn’t count when I click on a post, but it seems like it’s adding in other ways. I guess I’ll have to tweak the settings to make it more accurate.

But what is really surprising is that my “Disturbed, Yet Flavorful” post is ranking in as the most front page clicks of any post to date. Personally, I didn’t think that it was really that good, but hey, the numbers don’t lie. Apparently, you people come here to get evil ideas (either that or there is a plot to throw me awry in my inane ramblings).

Being as I’m a people pleaser (for intellectual types only, idiots get no pleasure on my watch), I will do my best to try and bring you more evil ideas. In response to the comments on my previous post, I will also do my best to make sure that I present enough background and detail for any of my stories/rants to be cleverly misconstrued as a real article written by someone that may have passed college English. Thanks for the feedback :-)!

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