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Recently, I’ve been toying with the idea of putting Google AdSense on my site. For those of you who don’t know, AdSense is a program where Google ads appear on your site and if someone clicks on them, you get paid some insignificant amount of money or something like that.

I’ve been look at is as something more to play with than as anything to make money off of. Hell, I know I won’t make anything off of it because I don’t have enough people that come and visit my bitter little corner of the Internet. I’m sure most of this has to do with that I’ve nothing of value to offer the Internet community much less the bandwagon of Web 2.0 jockeys.

None, the less, I’ve been reading the documentation on it and I’m wonder what kinds of hacked up crap it would get if I put it on my quote page … yes, that’s right, the good ‘ol hacked-ass php quote page that is so poorly engineered that one could almost do PHP injection if they were clever enough (remember, I said almost, I was lucky enough to accidentally fix that :-P). There is so much cruft on that site, I’m almost betting Google would say that I need to buy garden hoses and glue motor oil onto my web browser while visiting a church for gay whales.

My biggest thing though is that I don’t feel like I can customize AdSense enough. I can see where I can filter out what I want to be seen as well as change a few colors; however, maybe I should look into hacking it into something that blends in even better to the web page or something insanely stupid and counter productive like that. Any thoughts? (only silence is heard from the ether …)

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