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Jabber Tranports

Wyatt • • Technology

Alright, for those of you who don’t know or read often enough to know, the Jabber server is located at hackerforhire.org. Anyone can register to it, you can IM to any other Jabber server from it, etc.

Well now I am please to bring you 3 fully functioning transports. What are they you ask? A transport allows the Jabber server to connect to other IM client servers like AIM, ICQ, and MSN. I say these specifically because these the ones that have been enabled on my server. You can connect from any other Jabber server to use these (i.e. GoogleTalk). The server has also been upgraded SUCCESSFULLY(users and everything!) to 2.6.1 so passwords are encrypted. The hope is that these transports will remain more active than the other servers that have these transports enabled.

Have fun.

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