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I don’t want to gloat too much … but that bitch had it coming 😈 . Last week we got our deposit refund. There were three deductions, one for the last water bill, one carpet cleaning, and then one $50 “additional charge.” Being naturally curious to see what the asses at Tall Timbers decided to charge us for, we called up. Apparently, the $50 charge was for going to month to month billing for our last payment.

One problem … we already paid that and we had the proof.

So we told them, they screwed around and finally Sara got an appointment set up for us to go in. Marie, the head jackass, was there to great us … and seemed unpleasantly surprised that I showed up as well. As she went over the billing, I leaned in and watched her move from item to item show how the charge was there … and then how we paid the charge … and then how we didn’t pay the water bill … and then how we had paid the water bill … and then how we were charged $50 for a March month-to-month fee …. This is where her hope was crushed like a mime in the Redwood Forest … silently and painfully. So now a check is being sent to us for their failed attempt to charge us more. I couldn’t help but smile as we walked out :-D.

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