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As most any Linux user, I like to thing that I know what I’m doing with the systems I have to work on … but that does not imply that I am above reading the damned documentation. If you go to any person in this community with a blatantly stupid or obvious question that could be answered by reading the F.A.Q. or the documentation, you’ll generally find the first response is “check the website” or “rtm.”

For those of your who aren’t good with acronyms, you’ll find everything you want to know about RTFM here.

I only say this because at 4:30 today, my boss decided that it would be a fun idea to install a Honeywall. Now, I’m familiar with the project and the concept behind it; however, I’ve never implemented or read anything about design the “honey net.” So anyway, my boss, downloads the CD, burns it, and tried to install it. First question I get, “What do I do now?” … What the hell do you mean what do you do now??? That’s the stupidest thing I’ve head all day! How the hell am I supposed to know what you should do? So here’s as close as I can come to the dialogue:

Boss: What do I do now?
Wyatt: What do you mean what?
Boss: Well, it’s done installing … now what?
Wyatt: Do you have a login screen?
Boss: I don’t know.
Wyatt: (looks at screen) I’d login if I were you. What’s the username and password you setup?
Boss: I didn’t set one. So what now?
Wyatt: Well, if I were you, I’d read the manual.
Boss: (chuckles) No, seriously, what should I do now?
Wyatt: Seriously, I would read the documentation.

The pain goes on in the same Abbott and Costello fashion until I decided that I was done. Fortunately, a good friend retried the “Lets go out and shoot stuff!” routine from Monday. It worked tonight. I have to say, shooting is so relaxing … not just the bang, but the concentration and skill required as well. The bang makes it all the concentration and effort worth it though :-).

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