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Pool Table-tastic-action!

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As Brak would say, “Yea Buddy!!! I’m going to Fish-Pockets!” without the bit about the Fish-Pacos, I have acquired a pool table. Thus, I feel the need to share the story behind it. More than likely, this will contain interesting content.

Story begins as such, I got a couch off of Freecycle that Will was kind enough to help me pickup. Well, the couch had apparently been ravaged time and time again by a very dark, very shed-tastic cat; hence, it did not really clean up all that well. Sara suggested that we look in the classified to see if we can find something nicer and we did … but they also had a pool table for sale. Well, last Sunday, we went down, paid the money and bought the lot of furniture and pool table and today we are just getting around to moving it.

I think at this point, I can safely say that my house is cursed. But cursed in an odd way. The curse tends to be that any discussion at my house appears to dive straight for the gutter. As a perfect example, the pool table situation. Sara magically became the handler of the balls and sticks and was apparently giving out hot showers or something like that, I have no idea. At one point in the evening, Micah was quoted as saying, “Wyatt, I think we are going to have to …. FSCK! … Ow!” which when it’s written looks even dirty than when he exclaimed it while we were moving the chair through the entrance. Rest assured, no one received any such punishment.

But, in other news, I have a pool table. With a few repairs from the move, it will be back to its previous splendor (I’m fixing two small pieces that hold the side panels on, nothing major:-)) and we shall have many a fun time playing with sticks, balls, and pockets … the pool table kind you pervert!

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