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Shameless Self-promotion

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It occurred to me today that the blogosphere is not only a really stupid word, but really stinking repetitive. I noticed this while I was on digg.com and I saw three stories with slightly different titles that linked to different stories through the same method … personal blogs.

It seems to be that the custom these days is to read something on a news site (e.g. BBC, Fox, Fark), select about five key points/arguments from the main article, post these five key points on your little blog on the Internet, and then write a few sentences that basically reword the statements that were previously made thus ensuring that there is no original content on said blog. Quite a waste of effort and time I would have to argue; however, taking it one step further, people attempt to increase traffic to their blog by submitting it to social content sites like digg.com or newsvine.com. I think I’ll give it the term “blinking” if someone hasn’t come up with one already.

Now before you get in a tizzy, just know that I’m perfectly fine with someone wanting to promote their little corner of the Internet. There is no shame in shameless self-promotion to unique and original content that brings to light new ideas, opinions, or information that may not be followed by the main stream media; however, I see plenty of shame in regurgitating the same information time after time only to change the font and the background.

Of course, I could be completely off base. Maybe being a recent graduate, I think that half of the stuff that people write their blogs like this could never fly with any professor as an acceptable document. It could be the fact that standard logic has been beating into me so much from school that I can’t see how anyone would think that repeating and linking to someone else’s information would be a good way to increase reoccurring traffic to their site. Sure it will get you X more hits because people will have to use your site as a jump off point to the real story, but how many of those people will really return to your if you offer them nothing more than a site scattered with the same links that are available in hundreds of thousands of sites out there that look exactly the same.

Give me something new … hell, give me something old … I don’t care, just make sure it’s your own and you didn’t five-finger special it off of someone else’s site and take the time to draw a well thought out response if are going to link to their site.

Definition: blink(v)
1. To link to other information from your blog or web-based journaling application without providing any information of sustenance.

Usage: I was looking at this news site, but all I could find were idoits blinking to the real articles.

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