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What Downtime?

Wyatt • • General and Technology

Ok, so to answer it for everyone (anyone?) who reads this … Yes, my server was down from Friday afternoon until 12:30 today. This is because I was moving and unfortunately, the cable company does not jump at my bidding as they should … rat bastards; however, Hacker for Hire is now back up and running along smoothly again (until sometime later tonight when I put in a new processor fan) and will continue to do so until I deem it no longer worth it. In retrospect, this never would have been an issue if I had my server at a co-location facility, but that’s not warranted at the moment, maybe if people come and ask for domain hosting and what not that I can afford to do something like that, we’ll see about making that a possibility.

Since the server was down this weekend, I had a small back log of posts (not too long) for your reading pleasure. So here you go just in case you were wondering, enjoy.

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