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Wyatt • • General

W00t!!! We are officially moved out of that hellhole known as Tall Timbers. Thanks to a crack squad made of savvy engineers and almost as almost as engineer-like but just as savvy others, we were able to successfully move everything in 4 truck, 3 jeep, 1 car, and 1 minivan load(s). There was one point when we though that it was really going to suck when Katy our recon agent reported in that there was a black out at the drop off point. We were moving in the dark for a bit but by the time the munitions squad rolled up we were back in the light. Below are the shout-outs to everyone that came and pitched in. Thanks again!

In order alphabetically by last name:

Micah Brown: The amazing Spider-Bungee-Man with his insane bungee skills
Sara Cannon: Packin’ like there was a free one-way cruise to Hawaii and participating in the Felty-Squad
Willaim Cirone: The wheel man with the pickup and expert move-tastic-action skillz
Joe Harmon: ** The guy who likes moving because it’s fulfilling work … and because it’s good practice for the stairs
**Katy Moeggenberg:
For felt-tification of everything in my house and her kung fu candle bringing action
Steve Michalske: The long haul, but we’ll account that to the 4 hour drive from Cleveland
**Sharon Schramm: ** Packin’ and stackin’ like we did so many times before, thanks Mom!

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