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Why I hate the MailMan

Wyatt • • Rants

No, not the USPS guy, but that stupid ass little program that does email list management. All I did was flip the switch in postfix to say “hey, you now can host virtual domains” and BAM!!! Mailman instantly vomits all over itself like a bunch of wookies at a fur-ball contest. And of course, there are thousands of people on the net with my exact same problem:

Final-Recipient: rfc822; —–@freeplay.hackerforhire.org
Original-Recipient: rfc822; —–@hackerforhire.org
Action: failed
Status: 5.0.0
Diagnostic-Code: X-Postfix; Command died with status 2:
“/usr/local/mailman/mail/mailman post —–“. Command output: Group mismatch
error. Mailman expected the mail wrapper script to be executed as group
“mailman”, but the system’s mail server executed the mail script as group
“nobody”. Try tweaking the mail server to run the script as group
“mailman”, or re-run configure, providing the command line option

Seems sort of obvious that I want the program to run with its own damn permissions. Well trying to find the solution to this is about as difficult as Micheal Jackson not using a daycare as a drive through. I tried every possible fix that I could and then I finally found something that seemed just so stupid it might be right. Apparently, if you have multiple aliases files (which I was unaware that I had) and one of them belongs to root, postfix will just star executing every damn thing it can as ‘nobody’ because that’s who owns every fricken file on you damn hard drive … NOT!!!

Shesh … that took me 4 hours to find. I figured I’d post it here in case I ever needed to do it again.

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