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Remodeling Part III: Enchilada Sauce

Wyatt • • General and Remodeling

It’s been one week of nonstop work; but we have some bad ass floors. The third coat of urethane has been laid and is curing as you read (at least for another 14 days after this post it will be). I don’t really have much else to say other than thank you to everyone that helped make this possible. Below are the fruits of the labor (click for a lager image).

<img src="http://zerohour.sytes.net/gallery2/d/14934-2/IMG_1056.JPG" height=75 width=75/> <img src="http://zerohour.sytes.net/gallery2/d/14938-2/IMG_1060.JPG" height=75 width=100/> <img src="http://zerohour.sytes.net/gallery2/d/14942-2/IMG_1061.JPG" height=75 width=100/>


Oh yeah, the title is what Sara though the air smelled like after 3 hours of urethane fumes. :-)

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