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Remodeling Part II: Got Wood?

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You know, I just can’t get over how cool it was to stuff those crapets in the Tall Timber’s dumpsters. Especially now that I’ve seen them absolutely packed and I know that it’s several days away from trash day. Kudos to Sara for the thought. However, back to more pressing business. The revampification of the hardwood floors in the new house.

For the life of me, I cannot figure out who would want to destroy awesome looking hardwood floors. I’ve talked with many people and they all agree that whoever had the bright idea of covering up the floors was a complete and utter sadist. Especially when you cover it up with something like this awful crap:

Look at this. Don’t try to rub the red/brown off your screen, it’s really that gross. Can you tell me seriously that you would be willing to live with this in your house? Dear god, if I had an animal I’d be afraid the crapet would absorb it like an amoeba or Janet Reno. This is just as bad as the tub of “therapeutic putty” we found in the kitchen cabinates (I’m too scared to move it). <image src="http://zerohour.sytes.net/gallery2/d/14788-2/IMG_1018.JPG" height=200 width=200 alt="Crapets"/>

Thus, the battle continued. Phase 2 was to shave the old floor and re-urethane them. Before we could do that though, we needed to get all of the staples and carpet tack pulled and cleaned up (Thanks to Micah, Katy, Joe, Joe, Heather, Sara, Mom, and Grandma in no particular order). Using this crack squad of savvy staple pulling fiends, we were ready to commence operation “Got Wood?” by 1500 hours. From here, we rented two sanders from Home Depot(r) and gave it hell for the rest of the night. Now something to note about the sanders we used. There was one that was designed to pull up and 8 inch strip and another handheld one that you run along the edges. I have no complaints about the one you pull along the floor; however, one that runs around the edges doesn’t really work and the best way to make it work is kind of like doing toe touches, but trying to keep a 30 lbs weight from just barely touching the ground.

<image src="http://zerohour.sytes.net/gallery2/d/14816-2/IMG_1028.JPG" height=150 width=200 alt="Old Wyatt"/>
Although it was relatively difficult to get the hand sander to do what I wanted it to, it did leave me with a new look. A little on the old side, yes, but somewhat refined I would have to say. :-)

The majority of the floors got sanded and they look pretty ficken sweet. We didn’t do the one upstairs bedroom because it’s just too far gone to save (stupid bastards and their putting glue down imitation tile on hardwood floors). The living room didn’t get entirely finished because we had to take the sander back to home depot; however, Sara is working on finishing the remaining portion today. After that, we’ll come back through with the buffing style sander and get out all the fine lines and then it will look pretty fricken bad ass. Below is the best picture of the floors that I have, though this one room still needs a little work. A lot of the photos are kind of sketchy because they had to be taken without the flash (damn saw dust). Clicking on it will take you to the gallery where the rest of the images are.

Click here anyway.

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