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Remodeling Part I: Two Dumpsters

Wyatt • • Rants and Remodeling

Well, this is obviously a bad omen … I’ve had possession of my house for less than 24 hrs and I have successfully dismantled it :twisted:. Today we attacked the nasty carpet in the house.

The crapets (no, that’s not a typo) were so fricken nasty, they needed to be chucked. Now, when I say nasty, I mean ultra nasty. We’re talking like Hillary Clinton doing Janet Reno nasty 8O. To give you an idea, the “light” pink crapet in one room was kind of like a disgruntled pepto-pink. So in the true engineering fashion, when something sucks, we tear it up and defenistrate it.

All the crapet in the entire place came up. Floors, closets, stairs, no exceptions. You would not believe the condition that the actual hardwood floors were in. Yes, they need to be refinished, but now the house doesn’t stink and it looks ten times better even though the floors need some work. We threw all of the crapet and padding out of the window into the drive way were HAZMAT Bravo removed the waste to the Tall Timber’s disposal facility. It was report that it filled two 8 cubic feet dumpsters.

Tomorrow, we will pull staples and clean up in hopes that we can sand the floors and be ready to urethane them on Sunday.

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