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Gmail Just Got Cooler

Wyatt • • Technology

You know, I didn’t think it was possible, but Gmail just got so much cooler. I know there are going to be write ups about this all over, but I can’t help it. IT’S JUST THAT FRICKEN AWESOME!!!

It started yesterday when I was able to save my Gtalk chats to my Gmail account and of course, search them. That was pretty cool. But now, now, now, now … I can not only search my chat history, but I can actually chat to all of my Gtalk contact from my Gmail account. And it’s not like that crappy popup the actual application and run it … there is an actual Javascript client in my Gmail side bar that shows everyone’s status that even highlights if I’m chatting with them!!! Top that off with the ability to pop that off into another chat window, rotation of emoticons, automatic archiving of chats, and little status indicators when you send an email to someone that is on/off-line, this is just too damn cool!!!

OK, I’m done now. :-)

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