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That’s right, you heard it here first … well, some of you will. Others will have received IMs and phone calls depending on their accessibility at the time. However you got the news though, it’s still the same.

Of course, what would a new house be without a house party? Well, yes, it still would be a house, but with less fun. I think I’m looking at sometime in the beginning of March for the “real” party, depending on the amount of time it takes to do the rewiring and fun stuff of that nature; however, before I get to that point, the current schedule must be addressed, this included the re-wiring project that is on everybody’s mind. Maybe not everybody’s mind, but at least the people who plan to touch something electrical at my house. So here’s the skinny on the schedule:

Project Completion Date
Floor Refinishing 2006-02-12
Washer & Dryer 2006-02-11
Furnace Install 2006-02-14
Rewiring Tenative

Right now, the big project is redoing the floors. I will be starting on them Friday night and hopefully we will be sanding by Saturday at noon with the hope of urethaning on Saturday night, Sunday morning time frame. I’ll be sending out the wiring invite shortly … get it? 😈

UPDATE: It appears that there is going to be more effort involved in the floor to get it to sanding status so there will also be a floor staple pulling party. Anyone that would like to join, it starts at 6:00 PM Friday, February 10th, 2006 at my new place. Where is the new place you ask? Why, right here. And just in case you have an aversion to Google Maps, the address is:

6864 Sampson Ln.
Cincinnati, OH 45236

Bring a staple puller and I’ll see you there.

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