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Wyatt • • Rants

Good Documentation. There are many times in my life when I find myself attempting to solve a problem that could easily be remedied by proper documentation, something many people seem to glaze over during their product development life-cycle. These past week that I’ve been working on Sharepoint, I would have pillaged a moderately sized continent for something that resembled good documentation. Eventually, I found what I needed by searching through the Google Blog Search and someone had the proper revisions for Sharepoint database schemas so I could actually complete the restoration process.

In this endeavor, I have learned two key things.
1.) Never trust the documentation. The person writing it probably hated writing it just as much as you hate sifting through their inane and incoherent ramblings.
2.) CLI utilities will generally save your ass with their many undocumented features that the GUI’s don’t even have APIs to access.

To that guy out there who’s blog I can’t find anymore because I lost those virtual machine changes, thank you for stepping up where the big dawgs bailed out.

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